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Harjot Singh ‘Me Myself And I’ music video by Avene

Greetings, here’s a new music video I shot and edited for Harjot Singh that he has just posted earlier this evening.

We shot this one at the 2016 Vivid Sydney light festival. Mostly around Walsh Bay and under the Harbour Bridge. The could have been more locations, except by the time we’d walked to Circular Quay, it was already 11pm and had finished for the evening. And there I was thinking it finished at 12am, just like previous years.

The editing went smoothly as always. A lot of the locations were quite dark though, forcing me to increase the ISO on my Sony RX100 IV. Which probably wasn’t the best idea, although I managed clean up that high ISO noise, and also ended up giving the overall video a more faded look. Which is something I would rarely do, although found that it worked well for this footage.

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