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Fraksha – ‘So Long’ music video

Here’s a video I did for Melbourne hip hop & grime artist Fraksha. This was shot around the Broadway shopping centre and surrounding streets in Sydney. It was an enjoyable shoot as always. Sarm and Nebs (That’s Them) came along for the video too. Of course it was Nebs who produced the track, so he was keen to make an appearance.

One funny part of the story is that Nebs had a couple of clients he was caring for and left them in his car for the whole time it took to shoot the video!

This video shoot also happened to be the first time I ever used my portable stereo steady cam rig. This was basically the stereo with the music playing from the CD player and the camera screwed in and mounted to the handle of the stereo. It worked really well, as you can see from the walking shots in the video. Kind of like a Fig Rig I guess. Unfortunately though, I’ll most likely never use it again as I’ve since switched to using a portable Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker for shooting music videos. Which is a lot more portable and lighter to carry than the CD player.

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