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Fortay ‘Game Of Time’ (Ft. Blake Galera-Holliss) music video by Avene

This was a video that Blake Galera-Holliss organised for a track produced by B-Don he recorded with Fortay. It was all shot in one day. For Blake’s parts, he wanted to shoot out at Barrenjoey Lighthouse, so picked me up from home and drove out there along with his sister Renee. It was a nice time to shoot up there, around sunset and just after. It did get a bit dark towards the end, although thankfully the moon was out at that time, enabling some really nice looking shots.

We later went to Darlinghurst to shoot Fortay’s takes. Most of which were all shot around a couple of backstreets there. He was there with Gunsta from Hustle Hard, who tooks for a drive to capture those from the car style shots.

The edit turned out nice, and for the colour grade I gave both artists parts a completely different look, more to match the look of where their parts were shot.

About Avene
Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.