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Dseeva ‘Imagine That’ music video by Avene

A music video I made here for Dseeva. Like a lot of videos I make, this was all shot in one night. This also happened to be one of the first videos I shot with the Sony RX100 IV. So I was looking for ways I could utilise its slow motion capabilities.

We shot a few takes with the music playing at twice the speed, so they could be played back in slow motion. Although this technique can work for singers, it’s probably not the best option for emcees. A few parts did work well enough thanfully.

Dseeva wanted some animated text in the video which I knew would take a while. My wife Lydia volunteered for that and did a good job. I just need to make a few tweaks to the timing after though. For the text, we used BorisFX BCC 9.

A remix of the track was later released which I synced up to the footage. You can view that above also.

About Avene
Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.