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Double KO – ‘Avec le Vent Dans le Dos’ music video

Double KO - Avec le Vent Dans le Dos

This is a video I shot and edited for Double KO, a French MC living here in Sydney. The video was shot on my old Canon S95 and can be viewed below.

It was a very spontaneous shoot. I met with him at Central Station, and from there we caught a train to Bondi Junction, and then caught a bus to Bondi Beach. The whole video was shot during this time. And it went well too.

The beauty of a tiny camera like the S95, is that it becomes quite simple to shoot in public without raising suspicion. As you can see in the video itself, we shot quite a lot around the train stations, on the train and bus. One shot on the train platform at Central Station, a couple of takes on the train itself, and one on the bus. The rest were shot at locations around Bondi Junction Station, and of course at Bondi Beach too.

I had the music playing from my Panasonic stereo at a low volume, although for one take Double KO just had the music playing in his headphones. I managed to sync that up alright. In retrospect, having the music play from a phone would have been a better option. Especially one with a decent built in speaker. An iphone 4s woud do a good job. The trouble when shooting out and about is at normally the stereo always appears to be out of place, being so big.

Below you'll find a few before and after shots from the video.

Before 1

Before 1

After 1After 1Before 2Before 2After 2After 2Before 3Before 3After 3After 3Before 4Before 4After 4After 4

With the colour grade, not much was done. Even though the video appears to be in black and white, there is colour being used. I blended a red to green gradient over the top. You can see that by clicking on the link to the screenshot below. Along with before and after shots.

Double KO - Avec le Vent Dans le Dos editing screenshot


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