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No more chair, my studio is now a stand up work area

My standing up studio

Roughly a month ago I transformed my studio into a standing only work space. Well, apart from the couch which will remain due to its acoustic absorption. Now since I've finally just got all my gear connected properly again, and with no more junk laying around, I thought… Continue reading

The Benefits Of Working Quickly

The benefits of working quickly

The problem - As nice as it is to plan out a project properly and spend a lot of time and doing everything right, sometimes it doesn't always work out to be the most effective approach. From my own experience, things don't always go as well as they… Continue reading

A Manly Wharf Pigeons Sequal

So here we have it, a sequal to the original Manly Wharf Pigeons video I shot last year. Are these the same two pigeons? I wouldn't be surprised! I'll have to check sometime. [Edit: Actually, no, they're not. Different markings on the wings] Once again they were into… Continue reading

My feature film – A brief introduction.

So I've been planning on making a feature film for a very long time now. Since I was seven years old actually! Back then I wanted to do something like Star Wars. I remember drawing some characters on this old 70's printer paper that we had then that… Continue reading

NJE Timeline

NJE Timeline

This is what my music video edits usually end up looking like by the time I've finished editing them.

Old Technology

My old Motorola A920 phone, a photo from 2006. People used to look at this phone and say it was like a brick, but it's actually no wider or longer than an iphone. I still have it here somewhere, but the battery got to the point where it… Continue reading

A quick January Avene update

I've just started posting all my old videos on YouTube. Thankfully you can upload about 10 at a time, so I don't have to wait for each to load before loading the next. To have a look, here's the link - My Avene YouTube channel. The good thing… Continue reading

Avene Website Updated

Just a quick post about updates I've made to this site. These include updated details and a photo of my wife Lydia and myself on the 'About Me' page. I've also added a 'Services' page there too. Nothing exciting, just a jpeg ad kind of thing. I'll fix… Continue reading

/\\/E/\/E – Gallery added update

Just a quick note to inform any of you reading this that I have just updated my gallery. Accessed via the 'CG ART' button at the bottom right there. So what's new? Well, nothing actually, but before there were just 4 images. Now there are 18. These now… Continue reading

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