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Photography by Glenn Thomas (Avene)

Testing a Circular Polarising Filter

Testing a circular polarising filter

Today's photos, all taken on the Canon S95 using a circular polarising filter attached to the Lensmate adapter on the S95, or should I say 'polarizing filter' for those of you in the US 🙂 Here is a description of what polarising filters do, thanks to Wikipedia: A… Continue reading

Macro Studio Objects

Macro Studio Object

This is a collection of macro photos I shot around my studio last year. Nothing too exciting, but I like the look 🙂 These were all shot using my Ricoh CX1 camera, which I'm actually considering selling, as I rarely use it anymore and don't find the quality… Continue reading

Eastern Water Dragon @ Shelly Beach

Eastern Water Dragon at Shelly Beach, Manly, NSW, Australia

Another photo from Shelly Beach here. One of the Eastern Dragons. There are quite a few around here. My friend Dave spotted this one.

My New Studio…

Yeah, ok, it's the laptop in kitchen with my old 2 octave Evolution midi keyboard 🙂 This Gateway laptop is over 9 years old now. It runs on a 750mhz Pentium3 cpu (there are phones faster than this now!). I've got Windows 98SE on there with my old… Continue reading

Rain on windscreen 3

Title says it all. Rain on windscreen 2 There's a video on the way that both Lydia will be putting together using a timelapse of these shots and some video Rain on windscreen 1 Waiting to turn left. The droplets remind me of those flying bots in the… Continue reading

Maleek Warrior Music Video frame grabs

A frame of video from the new Maleek 'Warrior' music video I completed last week. Watch the video at on October 10, 2009 Maleek 'Warrior' music video, frame grab 02 A frame of video from the new Maleek 'Warrior' music video I completed last week. Watch the… Continue reading

Yellow / orange / red dust over Sydney

Franjipani dust shot. This was the yellow orange dust that covered Sydney this morning. At the time I had no idea it was dust. Looked great though! Yellow fog, looking east towards beach Yellow fog.. around the shops Yellow fog, view inside our living room

Manly Timelapse

I figured it was about time I posted something here again. This is a timelapse I shot a while back when I first got my Ricoh Caplio R7. I just wanted to test it out.


I saw this shadow in the curtain as I was opening it this morning. Scary2 Upon opening the flap- Ouch, it's a White Tail spider! They can do some serious damage from what I've heard. Scary3 Ok, how about a close up photo? ... Not close enough? Scary4… Continue reading

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