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NJE – ‘Fall Back’ hip hop music video

A few days late posting this... It's the second hip hop music video I've shot and edited for NJE. The first of course being 'Blackout'. And as I mentioned in my previous switch cameras post, I shot this video on my Canon S95. It's actually the first music… Continue reading

Chriscol – ‘She Fire’ music video by Avene

Chriscol - 'She Fire' music video. I completed this music video recently for Chriscol. It was shot in my downstairs living room on the Canon HV20. For lighting, a standard Red Head kit was used with blue gels to match the outdoor light from the windows. The video… Continue reading

LamaQ – ‘Center of Attraction’ music video

LamaQ – ‘Center of Attraction’ music video

A music video I shot and edited recently for LamaQShot in various locations, LamaQ already had the concept for the video figured out. As a result he also tracked down most of the locations. All those except for the Lamborghini shots that we found on the day we… Continue reading

Quest Jacob – ‘The Movement’ video

Quest Jacob - 'The Movement' music video

A music video I shot and edited earlier in the week for Quest Jacob. Featuring Maleek with production by Mr Zux. Also includes a special appearance by DeeJay Mr Phat. Once again, shot on my little Canon Ixy 510 IS camera, also known as the SD960 IS and… Continue reading

NJE – ‘Blackout’ music video

NJE's latest video 'Blackout' that I completed in February. Shot around St Peters in Sydney. To hear more of NJE's music, visit his Myspace music page at

Mr Zux – ‘Bring It Back’ music video

Another Mr Zux music video here, with even more on the way. This was shot on Sunday afternoon (Valentines day, 2010) at my house here actually and around the neighbourhood mostly, then edited a couple of days later. Once again shot on my Canon Ixy 510 IS pocket… Continue reading

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