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Kearve ‘They Know’ music video by Avene

Kearve - 'They Know' music video by Avene

A music video I made for Kearve. It was Nebs who organised this one. Although Kearve obviously had quite a few mates there for the shoot. I was using my LED light panel, although the orange glow from the street lights actually well here too. It was a… Continue reading

Papa Tear & Scepaz ‘Deep’ music video by Avene

Papa Tear & Scepaz - 'Deep' music video by Avene

This was a fun music video to shoot. Mostly shot around the back of Darling Harbour near Harris Street. The theme for the music video was roughly based on Alice In Wonderland. And the elevator shot at the end would lead into the next video. The lighting wasn't… Continue reading

Kerser – All I See (music video)

Kerser - All I See (music video)

Here's a new video I made for Kerser. This was done fairly quickly. I only shot it 4 nights ago, and didn't have a lot of time to edit it since then. But I'm really happy with how this turned out. It took me over 2 hours to… Continue reading

SQZ – All About (music video)

SQZ - All About (music video)

After shooting and editing the Rapper Tag #56 video for SQZ, he got me in to shoot this video also. It was shot around Camden where he grew up. He had always intended it to be black and white, but gave me the option to see how it… Continue reading

Hyjak – ‘Soviet Funk’ music video

Hyjak - 'Soviet Funk' music video by Avene

Another music video I made for Hyjak. This one I shot the same night as SQZ's Rapper Tag video. Both were shot around the Lansdown hotel while there was a show happening.

Kween G – ‘Speak Up’ music video by Avene

Kween G - 'Speak Up' music video by Avene

A music video I shot at home here on bluescreen for Kween G. A lot more work than normal went into this clip. The main background element with the 3 screens I created in Photoshop and Vegas. For chromakeying I used the keyer in Boris FX BCC9.

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Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.