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Roth – ‘Nobody Loves Me’ music video

Roth - Nobody Loves Me music video

Here's a track by Roth that I made this music video for. I shot this for him around the Rocks area of Sydney. A brilliant location for a clip like this. And with this one, I really managed to squeeze every ounce of performance out of my little… Continue reading

Zde – ‘Beauty’ music video

Zde - Beauty music video

Something a bit different compared to most videos I do. This video I made for Zde, who also produced Kween G's 'Speak Up'. The song is quite soulful, and for the video, Zde chose the location. A beach close to where he used to live. It was a… Continue reading

Nihilist – ‘Out My Mind’ music video

Nihilist - Out My Mind

Greetings, here is a new music video I shot and edited for Nihilist. This one took a bit longer than expected, as I added a bunch hand animated parts. Something I din't think would take long. Well, until I was half way through it! Fun though, and gave… Continue reading

MC Kean – ‘Voodoo Magik’ music video

MC Kean - Voodoo Magik music video

A more experimental music video that I made for MC Kean. This one was shot on greenscreen in my studio. Well, except for the live footage he added. This was my first attempt at using camera mapping in Hitfilm Pro 2017. And it worked out quite nicely. All… Continue reading

Saif – ‘Thin Smoke’ music video by Avene

Saif - 'Thin Smoke' music video by Avene

Here's a new music video I made for Saif. This one was shot out in an abandoned building, which used to be a hardware store. It was an interesting location, as the electricity still worked, so we had the air conditioning running whilst shooting the video. For the… Continue reading

Jay UF – ‘Fade Or Stop’ music video by Avene

Jay UF - 'Fade Or Stop' music video by Avene

Here's a clip I made for Jay UF, from his debut album. This one was shot around the Springwood lookout. I don't recall ever visiting there before, although it was a good spot to shoot the clip.

Saif – ‘Shook Ones Challenge’ music video by Avene

Saif - 'Shook Ones Challenge' music video by Avene

A music video I made for Saif here, who rhymed over the classic Mobb Deep Shook Ones beat. The video was shot at an abandoned school Saif knew about. Great location, although there was glass everywhere. Video turned out nice.

Scepaz & Keggles – ‘Cooler Than The Fonz’ music video by Avene

Scepaz & Keggles - 'Cooler Than The Fonz' music video by Avene

A Scepaz and Keggles collab video here. A good track, this one. The original plan for this clip didn't quite work out, so we improvised. It was all shot around the back of Broadway shopping centre and on Glebe Point road. The location lighting ended up working quite nicely.

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