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Avene – Cytasia, Jan 27, 2010

I put this together at 12am last night just before I went to bed. Just some footage I'd shot yesterday from my new pocket camera, a Canon Ixy 510 (Japanese version of Ixus 110). Basically just some of the gear in my studio which is called Cytasia. The… Continue reading

Avene – Morning & Night

Footage I shot during a short weekend trip to Melbourne earlier this year. I got lazy with the music on this one.. Just 3 Acid loops I dragged into Vegas. Shot using a Ricoh Caplio R7


A video with music I started earlier this year but just completed. The footage is from Dobroyd Point in Sydney overlooking the entrance to Sydney Harbour. This was shot whilst shooting footage for my wife Lydia's 'Shimmers' video from a bit over a year ago. So it's taken… Continue reading

Avene – 00000003.restored

View on ExposureRoom Be sure to watch this until the very end! The first of my 'Beats, Bass & Video' series where I'll be digging out a whole bunch of hip hop beats and tracks I've recorded over the years but never finished, and edited video to them.… Continue reading

Avene – ‘Four Web Spinners’ video

This is a video I put together a couple of months back. I saw 4 spiders in the backyard all spinning their webs at the same time. The video was shot on my Ricoh Caplio R7 using it's nice macro mode.

Avene – 4 Year Anniversary

April 23rd was our 4 year wedding anniversary, so I took Lydia to Bella Vista Fountain vegetarian restaurant - The food was nice! Thankfully I picked somewhere nice without having gone there before. Anyway, this short clip is comprised of footage (photos) taken on the way there… Continue reading

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Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.