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Avene – ‘Night Light’ music video

Avene - 'Night Light' music video

A track and video I made here. A more experimental sounding beat that I put together using Studio One, along with footage I shot on my iPhone SE one night in the city and edited in Sony Vegas. The footage was essentially to test the low light capabilities… Continue reading

Avene ‘City Walk’ music video

Avene - 'City Walk' music video

A music video I made here for a FilmicPro app contest. So obviously it was all shot using FilmicPro on my iPhone SE. This was shot around Sydney a bit over a week ago. All the locked off tripod shots were filmed with a really tiny pocket sized… Continue reading

Avene – Revolutions (Everyday #42)

Avene - Revolutions

Finally, I've reached the end of the train footage from our Rome to Paris ride. So this was basically as the train was arriving in Paris. There's graf on the walls as normal, and I found a shot that I could track my logo too. I seriously need… Continue reading

Avene – LBP (Everyday #41)

Avene - LBP

Yet another video here featuring a bunch of footage from Italy. Mostly around Rome. This was the drive back from Tivoli, along with some footage around the streets of Rome. A bit of a mixed bag really. And the beat I made for this was made fairly quickly… Continue reading

Avene – Behind The Bounce (Everyday #40)

Avene - Behind The Bounce

A video here with footage I shot around Melbourne back in 2014. I shot all of this this footage on a little pocket size bendy tripod. Just like I used for all the shots in the Yoop It video. Which explains why there's so many ground shots. It… Continue reading

Avene – Mellowness (Everyday #39)

Avene - Mellowness

Another video I shot at Vivid Sydney 2015. This was from when I did the walk around Walsh Bay, although the installations here were all just under or around the Harbour Bridge. And for the music, I created something a lot slower. 60bpm here, with double time hi… Continue reading

Avene – That Feeling (Everyday #38)

Avene - That Feeling

Apologies for the lateness here. I got a bit behind a couple of days back. All good now though, and should be up to date again by tomorrow. The footage I used here is actually from the same trip as the footage I used for the Damaged video.… Continue reading

Avene – Bango (Everyday #37)

Avene - Bango

Here's a quick music video I made with some more footage I shot at Vivid Sydney 2015. All these shots are from the Walsh Bay area. This was a few nights ago. I actually managed to shoot quite a lot that night. More to come. With the music,… Continue reading

Avene – Relax The Mind (Everyday #36)

Avene - Relax The Mind

Something really simple here. The remaining footage from our first stay in Rome has been used for the video. You should all know where this is. An interesting place. And for the music, a quick track also. This originally had some vocals, but it just wasn't sounding right,… Continue reading

Avene – Damaged (Everyday #35)

Avene - Damaged

A crazy upside down driving music video, where Sydney looks like a scene from Bladerunner, a girl crosses the street in time to the beat, and the reason for the title is not revealed until the very end. But in quite a stunning way. Turn up your speakers,… Continue reading

Avene – Overlord (Everyday #34)

Avene - Overlord

That time of the week for another train ride video. Still from my France footage here. And then eventually I'll get onto the Wales footage, Belgium, and even some old Holland footage from 2006. Which from memory is actually really good. Keeping it simple with the edits here… Continue reading

Avene – Under Rated (Everyday #33)

Avene - Under Rated

For this track I deciding to shoot some fast driving footage. The maximum speed increase you get in Sony Vegas is 4X. So that meant I had to be driving for at least 4 times the length of the song. Which meant maybe 15 minutes. So I decided… Continue reading

Avene – Back To You (Everyday #32)

Avene - Back To You

A new month, a new aspect ratio for my videos. For June I've decided to go for the wider cinema look for the videos. In the past, my video like this would have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, but now I'm going for 2.4:1, which is still a… Continue reading

Avene – The Magic Tempo (Everyday #31)

Avene - The Magic Tempo

Really late again here. I didn't get a chance to finish this last night, as I had to finish a new video for Kerser. But as they say, better late than never. This video also marks the completion of one whole month of everyday music video. True, not… Continue reading

Avene – The Rollback (Everyday #30)

Avene - The Rollback

A really simple track and video here today. More footage from Rome. This was from a day trip where we walked to the Vatican. I'm not Catholic or anything, but it was an interesting place. All shot on my old Sony NEX5N. Funny thing is, all the footage… Continue reading

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