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Avene – Yoop It (Everyday #2)

My next video, Yoop it! When I was recording this, I felt the need to add some vocals. So I plugged in my really cheap MS57 mic (SM57 clone) that I bought in Indonesia, and recorded a simple take of audio. I then loaded it into Melodyne and messed around with it a bit.

The footage in this video I shot around a year ago, but somehow never got around to editing. So I decided today that I really should edit it.

Avene - Yoop It (Everyday #2)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do any of this in HitFilm today, as I spent most of the day on the music. But I did use a couple of HitFilm plugins in Vegas. And yes, all edited in Vegas. With no beats and bars grid, I don’t think there’s any way I could have done this in HitFilm anyway.

Avene - Yoop It (Everyday #2)

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