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Avene – Wildlife (Everyday #25)

Just a quick one today. I can’t remember when I shot this footage, or even what camera I used. Can’t remember if it was the NEX5N or A6000 to be honest. I’d have to check the date of the footage.. No big deal though. These are the birds that used always be on the palm tree in our back yard. They still visit, but not as often.

For the track, I don’t really know what I was doing, just experimenting I guess, and came up with this. More electronica sounding, this one. And once again, I edited the video before adding the music to it, just by lining up all the parts to bars and beats. Makes it kind of predicable I know, but I like having everything in time like that.

Avene - Wildlife

Avene - Wildlife

Avene - Wildlife

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