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Avene Website Updated

Just a quick post about updates I’ve made to this site. These include updated details and a photo of my wife Lydia and myself on the ‘About Me’ page. I’ve also added a ‘Services’ page there too. Nothing exciting, just a jpeg ad kind of thing. I’ll fix that up when I get a chance and make all the details fit the page somehow.

Lastly I’ve finally got the music page up and running. I’m using a service called Blast My Music. Unfortunately the embedded store is square and doesn’t quite fit the page as well as I hoped it would. Also, the 3 tracks I’ve uploaded are of the old Deadbeat CD from 1995. These aren’t exactly the best rips either, as there are little glitches from the previous track at the start of each. No big deal. Another problem with this store is that you only get previews of the first 30 seconds for each track. So basically with these tracks in particular, you don’t get to hear when the beat cuts in, just the instrumental stuff at the start.

Eventually I’ll see if I can set up my own customised store with better previews. It’s just going to take a fair bit of time to tweak the look and feel.

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About Avene
Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.