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Avene – Text Your Eyes (#Everyday #7)

Apologies for the delay with this video, but it’s finally here. A lot of work went into this. Be sure to click the settings button to view it in 4K! Even if you don’t have a 4K screen, it will still look a lot better than 1080P HD on a HD screen. You can grab the music track here.

Now, why is the video taking so long? It’s 4K, that’s why. My first ever 4K (Ultra HD actually) video that I shot on my Lumia 930 phone. Which also makes it the first ever music video I’ve shot on a phone too. The files are easy enough to work with. The bit rate seems to be around 48mbps, which is around half of what the Panasonic 4K cameras shoot at. Quality is still decent though.

Avene - Text Your Eyes (music video)

As for shooting the video, I just walked around the neighbourhood shooting different textures. The ground, leaves, tree bark etc. I got a few strange looks, but I get that anyway. One thing I had to do with the camera on the phone though, was drop the exposure by -2. Quite drastic, but otherwise there are just too many overblown highlights and heavily contrasty areas. Overall though, I gotta say, the image quality is pretty good. I’m hoping to shoot a lot more with it actually. The rolling shutter and auto exposure are still pretty nasty, so I’ll use a tripod.

Avene - Text Your Eyes (music video)

For editing the video, I used the cookie cutter plugin in Sony Vegas to blend all the parts together. In all my years or decades of using Vegas, I’m quite certain this is the first I I’ve used the cookie cutter on. Never had a use for it before. And with 3 layers of 4K video, I had to use the ram preview to check my edits, which was annoying. But still, these were MP4 files straight from the camera, so not exactly a format suited to editing.

Avene - Text Your Eyes (music video)

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