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Avene – Optimising (Everyday #14)

Apologies for posting this so late. I have the next video, today’s almost ready to go too. More crappy video footage here, with the rest being used for the next video. This is some footage I shot back in 2010 on my little Canon Ixy 510 camera. From memory that thing cost me $227. Or less.

With the music, I tried setting up a template in Presonus Studio One to speed up my workflow. I had audio tracks and instrument tracks with plugin instruments and effects ready to go. But it didn’t work out so well. With a bunch of empty tracks I wasn’t using, it became difficult to see what I was actually doing, and those extra plugins doing nothing, actually slowed down the computer a bit.

Avene - Optimising

I’ll still be using a template, but with just a few effects named and ready to go, along with eq presets I can just drag onto tracks for cutting off the lows.

Avene - Optimising

And once again, I used that cartoon plugin. I know it’s lame, but it just makes crappy 720P HD footage look better at 1080P.

Avene - Optimising

Avene - Optimising

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