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Avene – Lack Of Detail (Everyday #6)

Another day, another video. This one I kept quite simple. Both musically and visually. Basically I just didn’t want to spend too much time on it! Although for some reason I made the music over 2 minutes in length, essentially creating more editing work.

Nothing exciting to report on the music side of things. A few drum samples, a bassline I played, and a bunch of synth parts. The usual stuff!

Avene - Lack Of Detail

And the video, well, obviously it was shot in Hawaii back in 2010, because that’s what it says in the title. This was during our 5 year wedding anniversary there. We’re supposed to go back again this year, but are too broke at the moment.

Avene - Lack Of Detail

Just like yesterday’s video, I used one of those toon plugins again the help tidy up the footage, was was all shot at the time on a little Canon Ixy 510 camera.

Avene - Lack Of Detail

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