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Avene – ‘Krapac’ music video (2013 04 02)

My second video here from a series that I’m now producing on a daily basis. This one was shot around the roof of a car park in Manly. I’ve been visiting this car park for many years, as you get quite a decent view up there, and there are never any cars around. Being the top floor, they normally don’t bother driving all the way up there.

I didn’t start on the music for this track until about 9:30pm. I currently have my studio set up to use my iPad as my keyboard MIDI controller to save on space, but annoyingly can’t get it to work without playing stuck notes all the time. And since Studio One has no way of dealing with stuck notes (a panic button would be nice), it’s not really going too well. But I eventually used an app called Beat Surfing with a preset that doesn’t normally have the stuck note problem. So for the next track, I think I’ll plug in my keyboard again.

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Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.