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Avene – Koh Samui Dogs (Everyday #18)

A clip made from some old 2009 Thailand footage here. I’ve been meaning to make this video for years. I’d separated all the dog footage I shot around Koh Samui into one folder. And now I’ve starterd making all these videos, I figured it was time to do something with that footage.

The track I made for this is kind of mellow. Made purposely that way to suit the footage. I actually edited the footage together before I arranged the track, just so I’d know how long to make the music run for. Which turned out to be 41 bars. A bit over 2 minutes. I used a slowed down break you can here at the start, a few GoldBaby drum samples over the top, a shaker loop, and a few Arturia synth plugins.


The footage looks kind of soft, as it was shot on my old Canon HV20 with the SG Pro 35mm adapter. I’ve tried sharpening it a bit, but barely noticeable. Besides, it’s the content that’s most important here, not so much the video quality.




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