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Avene – Fountains (Everyday #19)

This video, took me a ridiculously short amount of time. I spent maybe 20 minutes on the music first off and had the basic groove going. But didn’t touch it again until I went to bed. And by that time it was really late and I was really tired!

Since the music wasn’t arranged, I figured I’d find some video and edit that roughly first figure out the length. So I did that, and then just arranged the music parts randomly to fit that length. I spent maybe just over 5 minutes doing this. Nothing fancy like drum fills or any of that. I just had to get this done!

Avene - Fountains

So I rendered the track, loaded it into Sony Vegas where already had the footage in place, did some quick colour tweaks and added noise reduction to the clips. Then lastly added some sharpening and noise to the overall video. Which was difficult, because by that time I really was asleep and didn’t know what I was doing!

Avene - Fountains

But, I somehow managed to render it when I went to bed, and now here I am uploading the next morning 🙂

Avene - Fountains

Avene - Fountains

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