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Avene – False Autumn (Everyday #4)

Something a bit different here. I had no plan for today’s video, but ended up doing something a little bit experimental, and artistic? Well, watch the video below and decide for yourself.

I kept the music track simple, so it wouldn’t take me long to mix and master it. I’ve added it to my May Everydays album here on Nimbit.

Avene - False Autumn (Everyday #4)

The video footage was just some old clips from 2001 that I found on the computer. All shot on my old Canon S95. I’d tried editing these to a track way back then when I shot the footage. At the time I had this Asus laptop I’d bought that I was trying to edit it one. Didn’t work out so well. I found the old track I was trying to edit to as well, and wow, was it rubbish! Thankfully my music has improved a lot since then. Mostly due to Studio One I’d have to say.

Avene - False Autumn (Everyday #4)

So, I edited the footage to the track here, but to be honest, it still looked like rubbish. So I thought overlaying something on top might help. But with nothing else to use, I just copied my edited clips to a new track, reversed each one of them and set the blend mode to multiple. Since that made everything too dark, I used the HitFilm auto levels plugin to bring some of the brightness back. And then some film grain too.

Avene - False Autumn (Everyday #4)

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