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Avene – Take A Chance (Everyday #3)

Something a bit different today. This is another experiment I did using HitFilm. It’s basically an energy sphere with an environment map in the background, and a few effects on top. It turned out alright too. The energy sphere is based on this tutorial.

And the music, well, it’s not the ort of thing I would normally do either. I loaded up a disco beat, and worked from that. I even sang a part on it, and surprisingly it sounded fine without pitch correction. Although I was lazy and used my really cheap MS57 mic (an SM57 clone) from Bali, and had to clean up the audio after. You can download the song here.

Avene - Take A Chance (music video) Everyday #3

With this video, I had to do it before I went to bed, as I’ve been busy finishing off a couple of other videos for people during the day. Thankfully I didn’t fall asleep, and actually managed to finish the music quite quickly without over doing it.

Avene - Take A Chance (music video) Everyday #3

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