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Avene – A-V-E-N-E (Everyday #5)

Woah, a bit late with this one.. A consequence of not enough CPU grunt. I had a great video ready to go, but all the effects I’d used brought the whole project to a halt. So today ended up being another video edit. I think I might need to start running both computers together here at the same time too, to speed things up.

Avene – A-V-E-N-E from Glenn (Avene) on Vimeo.

The music didn’t take too long, and I managed to mix and master it quite quickly. I’m loving all the Arturia plugins I’ve been using for the synth sounds. I’ve got the whole bundle, so they’re always my go to sounds now. And I’ve been using a few simple drum loops too. Basically because they’re quick, and I don’t have time to program anything complex.

Avene - A-V-E-N-E music video

As for the video, I shot this footage of our train trip from Rome to Paris. Mostly from just as we were leaving Rome. Or maybe some shots are from France, or even Switzerland that went through overnight? Not sure really.. But the countryside was nice. And the noise was so bad on this footage, I used a paint look filter.. Which actually makes it look a lot better! I’ll definitely be using that again. I think it was a filter from the free Red Giant Universe pack. And I tracked my logo to the train using Boris Red.

Avene - A-V-E-N-E music video

More music and videos on the way 🙂

Avene - A-V-E-N-E music video

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