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Avene – 3 Hours Before 2015 (Everyday #9)

Here we are with another video. This was shot on new years eve 2014. I got my wife to drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge while I filmed the fireworks. This is something I’ve been doing for years. I even have footage from the very start of this century, just after 12am. Crappy footage due to the camera I had back then though.

The track for this I’d started recording on new years day too, specifically for this footage. I did actually record a new track for day 9, but ended up going with this, as I just wanted to get it out there. The fireworks footage too.

Avene - 3 Hours Before 2015

Clearly, even though it was only a few months back, the music I did for this video isn’t sounding anywhere as good as the recent tracks I’ve been recording for these videos. So I think I can thankfully say, my music has definitely improved since starting this everyday project. So I will continue!

Avene - 3 Hours Before 2015

More on the way.

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