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Nihilist – ‘Warpath’ music video by Avene

Nihilist - 'Warpath' music video by Avene

A new music video I made here for Nihilist from Sub C. This video was shot out around the Port Botany Area not far from the airport. It was somewhere I'd never really been before, so was an interesting location to shot.

Vinsins – ‘Busted’ music video

Vinsins - 'Busted' music video by Avene

A music video I shot and edited for Vinsins with Juve handling the production. He also came along when we shot this. And yes, this video was shot on Cockatoo Island. Shot on the Sony RX100 IV with a few slow motion shots scattered throughout.

Avene ‘City Walk’ music video

Avene - 'City Walk' music video

A music video I made here for a FilmicPro app contest. So obviously it was all shot using FilmicPro on my iPhone SE. This was shot around Sydney a bit over a week ago. All the locked off tripod shots were filmed with a really tiny pocket sized… Continue reading

Mr Zux ‘Game Over’ music video by Avene

Mr Zux - 'Game Over' music video by Avene

For some reason or another this track took me ages to edit. Thankfully though when completed, Mr Zux didn't have any new material to put out there, so this was a good solution to fill that gap. Originally shot out around Homebush and also on Dj Samrai's rooftop,… Continue reading

Joe Ninety ‘Blues’ music video by Avene

Joe Ninety - 'Blues' music video by Avene

A Joe Ninety track I made the music video for here. I met up with Joe out at the Vaucluse Lighthouse on the day we shot this, when searching for somewhere to shoot, and eventually found a nice clifftop location. The sun was already going down by the… Continue reading

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