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A quick January Avene update

I’ve just started posting all my old videos on YouTube. Thankfully you can upload about 10 at a time, so I don’t have to wait for each to load before loading the next. To have a look, here’s the link – My Avene YouTube channel.

The good thing is, they finally support HD videos. Plus, their streaming download versions now appear to be MP4 files which is what nearly all mine are, except Night Drive which is a wmv file. Which may also explain why that particular file didn’t actually come up as HD when I uploaded it? Anyway, if you’re using the Download Helper Firefox extension (I use it in Flock), you will be able to download the MP4 versions if they’re HD. Well, at least that’s what’s happened the last couple of times I’ve downloaded any movies from there.

I must say I still prefer Vimeo. Although, probably more so Exposure Room where the Ambientz ‘Crush’ video I did is currently in the Editors Choice section! Exposure Room let you let you include tags for all the gear you’ve used. This makes it helpful searching for movies made a specific bit of gear. There was one time I was checking out a Tripod head. I did a search for that head on Exposure Room, and a bunch of videos with that Tripod head tag came up, so I could watch those and see how smooth the pans were and so on.

Enough chat for now, this was supposed to be a quick update. I still need to fix up the layout of this page which got messed sometime, losing the menu down the side.. But, it looks a bit better in a way I guess.

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Sydney based artist specialising in creating music videos, cinematography, music production & beat making, digital art, sound design & photography.