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A Manly Wharf Pigeons Sequal

So here we have it, a sequal to the original Manly Wharf Pigeons video I shot last year. Are these the same two pigeons? I wouldn’t be surprised! I’ll have to check sometime. [Edit: Actually, no, they’re not. Different markings on the wings] Once again they were into the Thai food from Chat Thai at Manly Wharf. You can see there was a sushi container on the bench there, and they walked straight past that! I should add, it’s not just the pigeons at Manly Wharf you have to worry about when eating at Manly. Not so long ago at Manly beach, I was eating a falafel roll and, and a sea gull fly down and snatched a piece straight out of my hand.

The music on this track I recorded back in 1991, and it’s off cassette. It was one of the first tracks I ever recorded on the MPC60 I bought back then, which I later sold to Espa, that he then used to record the Illegal Substance album and a bunch of other tracks after that.

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