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Kerser – ‘Never Change Again’ music video

Kerser - 'Never Change Again' music video

Latest Kerser promo video here that I shot and edited earlier this week. This was put together quite quickly. I got the call from Kerser last Sunday night, shot it the next day in the afternoon, and then had it completed and uploaded by 4:30pm the following day.… Continue reading

Mr Zux – ‘Put It Down’ music video

Mr Zux - 'Put It Down' music video

A new Mr Zux video here that I did a couple of weeks back. Apologies for my slowness in posting it here. The video was shot not far from where I live in a park next to Queenscliff Lagoon. It's the park where any circus' are held, with… Continue reading

Harjot Singh – ‘Peekaboo’ music video

Harjot Singh - Peekaboo music video

Something new here, a video I made for Harjot Singh, another up and coming Sydney based hip hop artist. Harjot already has quite a following on YouTube and has made various music videos before, so I was sure to make this a bit different from the rest. For… Continue reading

Avene – ‘Minus 2′ music video

Avene - 'Minus 2' music video

Something a bit different here. It's a quick instrumental track I created in less than a day, with fireworks footage from new years eve 2011/12. The footage was all shot on my old Canon S95 too. Although the S95 only does 720P HD, I actually rendered this out… Continue reading

Kerser – ‘Losing My Brain’ music video

Kerser - 'Losing My Brain' music video

A refreshing cyan blue coloured video here for a change. As of writing this, Kerser's latest promo music video that I shot just last week. The weather was quite hot when I shot this. It had been overcast for most of the day, but thankfully the sun came… Continue reading

Mesar – ‘Life Of Us’ music video

Mesar - 'Life Of Us' music video

This is a fairly quick music video I put together for an MC by the name of Mesar from Sydney's south west. It's funny, as someone who hasn't drunk alcohol in over 22 years, has never done drugs or smoked anything, and doesn't even swear, I seem to… Continue reading

Poetic – ‘Mind Over Matter’ music video

Poetic - 'Mind Over Matter' music video

This is a music video I made for Poetic, an up and coming 16 year old MC from Newcastle. It's his first music video, and I gotta say, he's definitely got some talent and should have a promising career in hip hop ahead of him. The video was… Continue reading

Thavy Ear – ‘Drama’ music video

Thavy Ear - 'Drama' music video

Here's another music video I made for Thavy Ear. With this video I was pretty much free to experiment with some footage I'd shot around Shelly Beach in Manly, including a few takes of Thavy herself. Most of the footage was shot handheld, if not all of it.… Continue reading

Hyjak & Rates – ‘Suicide’ music video

Hyjak and Rates - Suicide music video

A music video here that I shot for Hyjak and Rates last weekend. I shot this video the same day the guys had recorded the vocals for the track. They recorded with Espa at SAE in Sydney. Espa had also done some of the production on the track.… Continue reading

Kerser – ‘Old Matt’ music video

Kerser - Old Matt music video

This video I shot for Kerser is a response to a track by 360 in which he dissed Kerser. A track he posted on Saturday the 10th of August. Then Kerser and Nebs got together on the Monday 2 days later and recorded this response from scratch, beats… Continue reading

Jay UF – ‘Gonna See’ music video

Jay UF - Gonna See music video

Ok, this was a quick video I shot and edited for Jay UF. Much like most of Kerser's videos, this one was shot at night, and around Jay's area too. And everything ran smoothly. The location was quite dark, so I used my 312 LED light once again,… Continue reading

Avene – ‘Follow Me’ music video

Avene - Follow Me music video

Greetings all, some new music here with of course a video to go along with it. For the track here I set up the microphone used a few different sounds that I'd captured. For the percussion like parts, I scraped a lens cap from the back of my… Continue reading

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