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Roth – ‘People Change’ music video

Roth - People Change music video

Released just a few days after the last Roth music video. People change is something a bit different. With this one, I could concentrate a bit more on the shots to get them all looking nice. Happy with how this turned out too.

Roth – ‘Shoot Me Down’ music video

Roth - Shoot Me Down music video

Yet another video by Roth here. Which also happens to be the first I have shot for him at night time. All shot using my Sony RX100 IV on a Zhiyun Crane M to smooth out the motion. Shot at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. I was really… Continue reading

Roth – ‘Hush’ music video

Roth - Hush music video

The next Roth video here, with some bright colours! Yeah, I really made that red stand out here 🙂 This video was actually shot before Save Me, although I hadn't finished editing it by the time I shot that, so we released Save Me first, which didn't really… Continue reading

Roth – ‘Save Me’ music video

Roth - Save Me music video

A new shooting experience for me here with this video. A one take walking video for Roth, in the style of classic videos like Massive Attack's Unfinished Symphony. For this video I bought gimbal, or stabiliser, whatever you want to called. Prior to shooting this, I only had… Continue reading

Roth – ‘DTA’ music video

Roth - DTA music video

The next video in a series of fortnightly videos Roth has been making. for this video, I remembered some big mirrors at Darling Harbour from when we shot the By Myself clip. The mirrors are positioned in such a way that they bounce the light from the sun,… Continue reading

Roth – ‘Danielson’ music video

Roth - Danielson music video

The 3rd video I've made for Roth here. This one based on the original 80s Karate Kid movie. Which made it fun! He found a store that sold the actual costume from the movie, which was a bonus. Shot at Curl Curl beach, with the remaining shots for… Continue reading

Roth – ‘Nobody Loves Me’ music video

Roth - Nobody Loves Me music video

Here's a track by Roth that I made this music video for. I shot this for him around the Rocks area of Sydney. A brilliant location for a clip like this. And with this one, I really managed to squeeze every ounce of performance out of my little… Continue reading

Zde – ‘Beauty’ music video

Zde - Beauty music video

Something a bit different compared to most videos I do. This video I made for Zde, who also produced Kween G's 'Speak Up'. The song is quite soulful, and for the video, Zde chose the location. A beach close to where he used to live. It was a… Continue reading

Nihilist – ‘Out My Mind’ music video

Nihilist - Out My Mind

Greetings, here is a new music video I shot and edited for Nihilist. This one took a bit longer than expected, as I added a bunch hand animated parts. Something I din't think would take long. Well, until I was half way through it! Fun though, and gave… Continue reading

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